Ariane Lecavalier

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Digital literacy for people in need of connection.
Ariane Lecavalier

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Digital literacy for people in need of connection.

Hi, I'm Ariane. I live in Montreal, Quebec. My design focuses on equity centered design to avoid ableism in  user experience. I value making accessible digital literacy.

+1 (514) 679-2318

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Where I got it from
Graphic design - CALARTS - Californation Institute of the Arts
Foundations of User Experience - Google
Environmental design - UQAM
Fashion design and marketing - UQAM

Where I practiced
Self-employed graphic designer
Chaire Diament (graphic design & UX research)
ECHELLE magazine
UQAM (urbanism & architecture teacher assistant)
UQAM (design graphic teacher assistant)
LOULOU magazine
Conseil canadien de la fourure

What I play with
Suite Adobe
Suite Microsoft
& pen + paper

" I think Ariane is able to channel her vision, vulnerability, and emotion through a particular aesthetic. Authenticity is something that she clearly values. She seeks it as much in her relationships as in her design work. You can really feel her personality and personal touch in the things that she creates, and in the way that she connects with you. She keeps it real. "
Jonathan Herson St-Jean
CEO at Pathway Medical

" A few words that come to mind when I think about Ariane is her care for social justice, her resilience, sharp analysis and methodical approach through her full investment in everything she does. "

Jean Lecavalier
Senior Technical Writer at Mnubo (Intelligence of Things)

" Perseverance in the face of adversity is the first thing to come to mind. As well as kindness, the ability to show up for herself and others. Honesty. Ariane has such a beautiful creative mind and that alone is a strength but the even better strength is that she inspires those around her - her lifts people up to meet her. She's a teacher. She listens well. "

Matiya Manalo
Trusted friend

“ Accessibility and social justice are, what i think Ariane values a lot.She is are passionate about accessibility and making a better world. She is able to see things that others wouldn't even notice as the typo or the way that shops make their signs about washing our hands during time of a pandemic. She values social change, art, love, friendship, learning and humility. Ariane also values beauty, making things look good in her environment, so then her people can feel good. Finally, first and foremost, she values herself, which is amazing to see, and inspire a lot of people around her, starting with me. “

Laurence Lainesse
Social worker - Clinique communautaire de Pointe-St-Charles